Replacing µtorrent Now That it’s Conned Us All


It’s fair to say that torrenting is a big part of my life. And I am far from alone. For years, like many others, I made use of the µtorrent torrenting client and I loved it. It was compact, fast, easy to use and possibly one of the most reliable BitTorrent clients of all.

That was then however. Since the upstart µtorrent was actually bought out by BitTorrent it has been changing. Spam and ‘crapware’ that had never been an issue on µtorrent before began appearing with alarming frequency which was annoying to say the least.

Now the news hit recently that µtorrent has been less than transparent recently with its users and a side installed program called Epicscale that was mining users computers for bitcoins. It doesn’t seem to anything horrible to your system per se in terms of viruses (although no one is sure yet) but it does drain CPU resources and can slow your computer down to a crawl so removing it really is the best idea.

Once you have done that (and run a registry cleaning) you will be left with the same dilemma I was, what am I going to use for torrenting now? If you are like me and have been using µtorrent for a while chances are you really don’t know what your options are. In my search I found a couple of good alternatives (that won’t clog your PC with crapware) so I thought I would share them with you.

Transmission-Qt Win

Transmission-Qt is the excellent client that is installed as a default in Linux and Mac operating systems so anyone who computes in those environments is all set anyway and probably never went anywhere near µtorrent anyway. But what about Windows users? Until recently Transmission-Qt was not available, but this new build, Transmission-Qt Win, is designed for Windows 7 and up and is, I have to say, pretty darn good.

The interface will look very basic and simple to µtorrent users but that is by design. The layout makes it super simple to use and it has one purpose and one purpose only; to help you get those files down as quickly and efficiently as possible. And as an open source project running on the libtorrent platform there is no reason for you to be bugged by ads and nonsense, which will be a nice refreshing change for recent µtorrent users.


qBittorrent has laways made its mission very clear, branding itself as ‘a Free Software alternative to µtorrent’, and yep, that’s exactly what we all need right now.

This means that the interface is almost an exact copy of µtorrent which will be a comfort to some but is perhaps a little more lightweight, good news for those looking to save on system resources.

I have also read suggestions that people not give up on µtorrent but reinstall an older, spam free, pre takeover version of the software instead. You could do that but why would you? µtorrent has made a number of useful upgrades since those versions were released so why miss out on them when they exist in the clients I was just talking about? The simple fact I think is that its time to let µtorrent go. Thanks for memories guys, it’s been real, but it’s time to move on..