Five Great Free Timewasters for PC Gaming Fans


I am sure that at least some of you PC gamers out there will feel my pain. Between the last mega Steam sale and a couple of really good recent Humble Bundles my wallet is feeling a little bit on the light side. For this reason, and because there are at least a few big ticket PC games on the horizon I should be saving for (as well as rent to pay and all of that mundane stuff) I have imposed a ban on allowing myself to buy anymore new games right now.

But as that does not mean I am actually done with new games (never), and I am always going to need a good timewaster, so I decided to go on a bit of a hunt to see just what free online gaming could offer me. And I have to say I was rather pleasantly surprised by some of the offerings I stumbled across. Here’s a look at some of the best of them.

Pandemic 2

Gamers are always being asked to save the world. Kill the zombies, fight the aliens, wipe out the terrorists and so on and so forth. So, when a game asks you to deliberately set out to destroy humanity instead it’s a rather nice change.

In Pandemic 2 you are given the ‘building blocks’ to create a virus or bacterium that can potentially wipe out the world’s population. There are road blocks to your triumph however in the form of pesky humans with medical knowledge. The challenge is to ensure that the humans are infected so quickly and efficiently that they basically never stand a chance. Safe to say that’s harder than you might think and (spoiler alert) do keep an eye on Madagascar at all times…


You like mini golf right? We all do, it’s a great way to spend an hour or so of time when you’re on vacation and the beach has lost its’ allure no matter what age you are. Wonderputt is like mini golf on steroids for the PC. You are required to navigate your digital golf ball across all manner of weird and wonderful courses, skipping it past waterfalls, aliens, marshmallow clouds and other visual delights. It’s an easy game to play and a delightful one to watch and I defy you to not get at least a little bit addicted to it.

Catlateral Damage

Cats are lovely creatures but, as any cat owner (sorry, cat slave) knows they are also jerks. This is a game that was originally created as a short demo for 2014’s 7 Day FPS challenge but it has been expanded somewhat so that you can get a little more playing time out of it.

The premise is very, very simple. You are cat left alone in a room full of stuff, much of which is balancing slightly precariously in high places. You then have two minutes a round to do exactly what a real cat would do; knock as much of it over, causing as much damage, as you possibly can. it’s very, very simple but also a ton of fun.

Cookie Clicker

This is less of a review and more of a warning. As I write I have over 400 million cookies and am producing more at a rate of 3 million a minute.

There really is very little in the way of gameplay involved in this one at all but hell it’s a doozy of an addictive timewaster. The problem is you see when you begin baking cookies they are dreadful, not even the local raccoons will eat them. But the more you bake the better you get, and the more people begin to enjoy your wares. You get achievement points and trophies for reaching various milestones and can all get out of hand really quickly.

Dojo of Death

Another nice little timewaster this violent little game (it’s a dojo, what did you expect tea and cookies?) calls for you to become the toughest ninja on the block and slice, stab and cartwheel your way through a ton of enemies. And that really is about it. Bigger baddies will roll in occasionally to make trouble (and usually send you reeling.) Dojo of Death is endless, and, to be honest, endless fun when all you are looking for is a little slash ’em up fun.