Cool Uses for a Super Cheap Drugstore Tablet

I’m not just a computer geek, I’m a gadget geek too. As such I have owned an iPad since gen 2 (never buy gen 1 Apple products, you’ll live to regret it) and have been perfectly happy with it. I have also played around with Android based beauties like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and been suitably impressed.

However, I was in the drugstore the other day and there was a sale. In that sale I found a $39 generic 7 inch tablet reduced to $19.99. Did I know it would probably be fairly awful? Yes. Did I care for $19.99? No, not really.

Sure enough when I got it home and fired it up the generic Made in China tablet did not fail to disappoint. It’s camera is horrible, it’s response time is woeful, it’s battery life is laughable and if you look at the screen from the wrong angle everything turns monochrome. However, its still a functioning Android tablet, it can still load and run apps and, as I will now demonstrate, as such it is far more useful than you might think:

Replace Your Bedside Alarm Clock

Many of us still cling on to our old digital alarm clocks but this tablet can replace those dinosaurs to help you wake up a little more efficiently and even pleasantly. Making use of the very ‘retro’ looking app ‘Night Clock’ I managed to create a passable alarm clock that can wake me up to my favorite tunes instead of those of some hack DJ and then tell me what the weather is going to be like for the day and even show me my appointments and to do list. And because it’s right near an electrical outlet the cheap tab’s terrible battery life is not a big deal.

Refrigerator Reminder Center

Are you still making use of those refrigerator magnets and little scraps of paper to communicate with the rest of your household, or even just to remind yourself of to dos the old fashioned way? Of course you do, no matter how efficient your smartphone is. However, with your little ‘crap tab’ and the Color Note app you can create a digitized refrigerator reminder center that will make you feel like you are living in crazy Buck Rogers times or something. Little things I know, but cool nevertheless.

Magic Mirror

Speaking of crazy futuristic Buck Rogers stuff what if you had a magic mirror that could not only be on hand to help you get ready in the morning but could also capture your image when you happened to be having a particularly good hair day? Enter the little cheap tab again. Tape it to the wall and in its camera mode it will act as a perfectly passable mirror that can also snap a selfie whenever you happen to be looking particularly fine.

Living Art

Sure you could slap up some cheap reproduction artwork to spice up that blank wall but that really is so 20th century. Take your tab, download an app like Famous Paintings or, if you are feeling a bit artistic yourself, an app like Art of Glow and you can have real, live changeable artwork displayed on the wall. Now who’s a fancy pants huh?