How ebooks are dominating the reading customs


I was just as hesitant as many of you are towards an eBook. Paperbacks are best, each look at your bookshelf and seeing the handpicked collection of books you own. Sorry, I am just overloaded with separation anxiety. And here we are, this article tells you how eBooks are taking over paperbacks. This obviously is good in many ways, some of which you already know and some will make you feel good about using a Kindle or any other eBook reader to read your favorite eBook.

Below are a few valid reasons for eBook’s dominance over paperbacks,

Affordable– Ebooks are always cheaper than a physical copy of the novel you want to read. And there is less chance of the eBook going out of stock when compared to a paperback novel.

Portable easily– Say you are traveling, taking a Kindle filled with a bunch of your favorite reads is easier or loading your suitcase with the big loads of books you will want to read? The answer is obvious right? Its lightweight and efficient for travels.

Eco-friendly– For publishing an eBook, no trees are cut down, is there any other reason to top this reason. This is the most eco friendly way of reading your novels. I know you miss the feel of musty papers, but think of the future generations that are benefited of this good deed.

Instant gratification– The book you have been waiting for releases on the day that you are out of town and with no nearby bookstores. What would you do? Panic? Anxiously pack your bag to get back home and ruin the trip? Well, here’s the best solution, buy the eBook onto your reader and be among the first one to post your reviews on it.

Amazing vocabulary– Not all novels are easily comprehensible, most of the eBooks readers provide you with the option of showing the meaning of word instantly. Isn’t this the easiest way to read an eBook and increase your vocabulary.

Sharing– Amazon offers the option of lending your eBooks to your friends for a duration of 14 days. But this option is limited to the publisher’s choice, some eBooks can be shared and some not. There are many ways to share the book, one by changing the lending option for your eBook, two using Epubsoft Kindle DRM Removal and last by sharing your Amazon Kindle username and password.

Publishes sooner– For striving new authors who are looking for a publication press to print their novels, eBook publishing is much more simpler and less time consuming. The advantage of this is that the eBook publisher holds rights only for the eBook version, you can still go ahead and print your work into a paperback novel.

Ebooks are the next big thing, you will see everyone in your subway or bus ride, hold an eBook reader instead of a paperback book soon. I’m impressed how you can find topics about everything! From that boring maths book to learning the misteries of kissing! -I don’t whink you can find so many offer phisics books. This is the most user friendly and less expensive option to read a wide variety of books of your preference. Research also shows that 23% of male adults and 33% of female adults already read e-books in the United States. These numbers are bound to increase as time goes by.

Make sure to order an eBook reader this Thanksgiving or sooner and enjoy reading at your leisure. Oh, before I forget, no worries about falling asleep while reading without bookmarking your last page you read.

How – and Why – to Beat PC Bloatware to Speed Up Your PC

Bloatware, crapware, trashware, whatever you choose to call it, PC manufacturers are far too fond of packing the new machines that roll off their factory production lines full of it. Recently the potential dangers that this bundled in software can pose were highlighted when it was revealed that one of the bloatware programs Lenovo have been bundling into their PCs, ‘Superfish’, was in fact an adware program that compromised the protections offered by https sites in order to force insert ads into them, making Lenovo a few extra bucks in the process.

The outrage at Lenovo was swift and yes, possibly just. They did a bad thing. But they are far from alone in all of this, so I thought it was time I helped you understand just why bloatware exists and how you can get rid of it.

It’s All About the Benjamins

The biggest reason that bloatware has become such big business is that we, as PC consumers, are cheap. And the market is ridiculously competitive right now. Dirt cheap Chromebooks are changing the landscape of the laptop market and the desktop market has been bottoming out for several years now. Manufacturers really aren’t making any money out of the machines that are selling best right now (leading to Sony and Samsung pretty much getting out of the PC business altogether right now.) and so they need to make a profit somehow. The creators of the bloatware that annoys us all so much are willing to pay big bucks to have their wares bundled into a new PC, so the manufacturers are naturally going to do just that.

Beating the Bloat

So, it’s unlikely that you are going to see too many bloatware free PCs any time soon. But you can beat the bloat, it just takes a little time and effort.

The most obvious way to do this is to go into your Control Panel, dig into the Programs menu and manually seek out and destroy these programs one by one. Time consuming stuff and for a novice rather daunting. Some of the programs that look like they might be crapware are actually rather essential to applications you do want to use. So how can you be sure that you are removing the right stuff.

There are a couple of good free utilities you can make use of to help. The wonderfully named PC Decrapifier and Should I Remove It? are both efficient, easy to use choices. Will you notice a difference once all of the bloat is gone? Probably. On average, a PC will start up 39% faster after a removal operation and resume 51% faster after it has been woken from sleep. And that is a difference you really can appreciate.

Cool Uses for a Super Cheap Drugstore Tablet

I’m not just a computer geek, I’m a gadget geek too. As such I have owned an iPad since gen 2 (never buy gen 1 Apple products, you’ll live to regret it) and have been perfectly happy with it. I have also played around with Android based beauties like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and been suitably impressed.

However, I was in the drugstore the other day and there was a sale. In that sale I found a $39 generic 7 inch tablet reduced to $19.99. Did I know it would probably be fairly awful? Yes. Did I care for $19.99? No, not really.

Sure enough when I got it home and fired it up the generic Made in China tablet did not fail to disappoint. It’s camera is horrible, it’s response time is woeful, it’s battery life is laughable and if you look at the screen from the wrong angle everything turns monochrome. However, its still a functioning Android tablet, it can still load and run apps and, as I will now demonstrate, as such it is far more useful than you might think:

Replace Your Bedside Alarm Clock

Many of us still cling on to our old digital alarm clocks but this tablet can replace those dinosaurs to help you wake up a little more efficiently and even pleasantly. Making use of the very ‘retro’ looking app ‘Night Clock’ I managed to create a passable alarm clock that can wake me up to my favorite tunes instead of those of some hack DJ and then tell me what the weather is going to be like for the day and even show me my appointments and to do list. And because it’s right near an electrical outlet the cheap tab’s terrible battery life is not a big deal.

Refrigerator Reminder Center

Are you still making use of those refrigerator magnets and little scraps of paper to communicate with the rest of your household, or even just to remind yourself of to dos the old fashioned way? Of course you do, no matter how efficient your smartphone is. However, with your little ‘crap tab’ and the Color Note app you can create a digitized refrigerator reminder center that will make you feel like you are living in crazy Buck Rogers times or something. Little things I know, but cool nevertheless.

Magic Mirror

Speaking of crazy futuristic Buck Rogers stuff what if you had a magic mirror that could not only be on hand to help you get ready in the morning but could also capture your image when you happened to be having a particularly good hair day? Enter the little cheap tab again. Tape it to the wall and in its camera mode it will act as a perfectly passable mirror that can also snap a selfie whenever you happen to be looking particularly fine.

Living Art

Sure you could slap up some cheap reproduction artwork to spice up that blank wall but that really is so 20th century. Take your tab, download an app like Famous Paintings or, if you are feeling a bit artistic yourself, an app like Art of Glow and you can have real, live changeable artwork displayed on the wall. Now who’s a fancy pants huh?

Replacing µtorrent Now That it’s Conned Us All


It’s fair to say that torrenting is a big part of my life. And I am far from alone. For years, like many others, I made use of the µtorrent torrenting client and I loved it. It was compact, fast, easy to use and possibly one of the most reliable BitTorrent clients of all.

That was then however. Since the upstart µtorrent was actually bought out by BitTorrent it has been changing. Spam and ‘crapware’ that had never been an issue on µtorrent before began appearing with alarming frequency which was annoying to say the least.

Now the news hit recently that µtorrent has been less than transparent recently with its users and a side installed program called Epicscale that was mining users computers for bitcoins. It doesn’t seem to anything horrible to your system per se in terms of viruses (although no one is sure yet) but it does drain CPU resources and can slow your computer down to a crawl so removing it really is the best idea.

Once you have done that (and run a registry cleaning) you will be left with the same dilemma I was, what am I going to use for torrenting now? If you are like me and have been using µtorrent for a while chances are you really don’t know what your options are. In my search I found a couple of good alternatives (that won’t clog your PC with crapware) so I thought I would share them with you.

Transmission-Qt Win

Transmission-Qt is the excellent client that is installed as a default in Linux and Mac operating systems so anyone who computes in those environments is all set anyway and probably never went anywhere near µtorrent anyway. But what about Windows users? Until recently Transmission-Qt was not available, but this new build, Transmission-Qt Win, is designed for Windows 7 and up and is, I have to say, pretty darn good.

The interface will look very basic and simple to µtorrent users but that is by design. The layout makes it super simple to use and it has one purpose and one purpose only; to help you get those files down as quickly and efficiently as possible. And as an open source project running on the libtorrent platform there is no reason for you to be bugged by ads and nonsense, which will be a nice refreshing change for recent µtorrent users.


qBittorrent has laways made its mission very clear, branding itself as ‘a Free Software alternative to µtorrent’, and yep, that’s exactly what we all need right now.

This means that the interface is almost an exact copy of µtorrent which will be a comfort to some but is perhaps a little more lightweight, good news for those looking to save on system resources.

I have also read suggestions that people not give up on µtorrent but reinstall an older, spam free, pre takeover version of the software instead. You could do that but why would you? µtorrent has made a number of useful upgrades since those versions were released so why miss out on them when they exist in the clients I was just talking about? The simple fact I think is that its time to let µtorrent go. Thanks for memories guys, it’s been real, but it’s time to move on..

Five Great Free Timewasters for PC Gaming Fans


I am sure that at least some of you PC gamers out there will feel my pain. Between the last mega Steam sale and a couple of really good recent Humble Bundles my wallet is feeling a little bit on the light side. For this reason, and because there are at least a few big ticket PC games on the horizon I should be saving for (as well as rent to pay and all of that mundane stuff) I have imposed a ban on allowing myself to buy anymore new games right now.

But as that does not mean I am actually done with new games (never), and I am always going to need a good timewaster, so I decided to go on a bit of a hunt to see just what free online gaming could offer me. And I have to say I was rather pleasantly surprised by some of the offerings I stumbled across. Here’s a look at some of the best of them.

Pandemic 2

Gamers are always being asked to save the world. Kill the zombies, fight the aliens, wipe out the terrorists and so on and so forth. So, when a game asks you to deliberately set out to destroy humanity instead it’s a rather nice change.

In Pandemic 2 you are given the ‘building blocks’ to create a virus or bacterium that can potentially wipe out the world’s population. There are road blocks to your triumph however in the form of pesky humans with medical knowledge. The challenge is to ensure that the humans are infected so quickly and efficiently that they basically never stand a chance. Safe to say that’s harder than you might think and (spoiler alert) do keep an eye on Madagascar at all times…


You like mini golf right? We all do, it’s a great way to spend an hour or so of time when you’re on vacation and the beach has lost its’ allure no matter what age you are. Wonderputt is like mini golf on steroids for the PC. You are required to navigate your digital golf ball across all manner of weird and wonderful courses, skipping it past waterfalls, aliens, marshmallow clouds and other visual delights. It’s an easy game to play and a delightful one to watch and I defy you to not get at least a little bit addicted to it.

Catlateral Damage

Cats are lovely creatures but, as any cat owner (sorry, cat slave) knows they are also jerks. This is a game that was originally created as a short demo for 2014’s 7 Day FPS challenge but it has been expanded somewhat so that you can get a little more playing time out of it.

The premise is very, very simple. You are cat left alone in a room full of stuff, much of which is balancing slightly precariously in high places. You then have two minutes a round to do exactly what a real cat would do; knock as much of it over, causing as much damage, as you possibly can. it’s very, very simple but also a ton of fun.

Cookie Clicker

This is less of a review and more of a warning. As I write I have over 400 million cookies and am producing more at a rate of 3 million a minute.

There really is very little in the way of gameplay involved in this one at all but hell it’s a doozy of an addictive timewaster. The problem is you see when you begin baking cookies they are dreadful, not even the local raccoons will eat them. But the more you bake the better you get, and the more people begin to enjoy your wares. You get achievement points and trophies for reaching various milestones and can all get out of hand really quickly.

Dojo of Death

Another nice little timewaster this violent little game (it’s a dojo, what did you expect tea and cookies?) calls for you to become the toughest ninja on the block and slice, stab and cartwheel your way through a ton of enemies. And that really is about it. Bigger baddies will roll in occasionally to make trouble (and usually send you reeling.) Dojo of Death is endless, and, to be honest, endless fun when all you are looking for is a little slash ’em up fun.